Whats good guys welcome to today’s session about streetstyle





When we talk street style the first thing your mind thinks of is ripped jeans, extended tees, bomber jackets and a variety of other style accessories of that caliber.

Sounds like basic stuff doesn’t it?

The ugly truth is One might have access to all of the above but still look basic or even look to be doing too much.

The secret into perfecting a street look is to keep your outfit as simple as possible from head to toe because with style less is always more, for the ripped jeans my preference is the basic knee blowouts like the ones on the jeans that wearing with this outfit(comment below for a tutorial video on how to rip your denims like this)


There also is a lot to learn through observation, it boosts your creativity by observing things we encounter on a daily basis through new people and different cultures

I hope you enjoy this look i put together :)

outfit details:

jeans by wrangler

t-shirt by top man

long coat by MRP

shoes are Vans Old skool